Revitalize... Renew... Refresh

PureRejuv Signature Facial​  $70

75 minutes

Indulge in an exhilarating skincare treatment. Treat your skin to a deep cleanse, an enzyme treatment followed by microdermabrasion to polish & remove dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth & velvety. Unwind to a tranquil face massage. Followed by a masque tailored to your skin type. Finished with 10 minutes of Red Light Therapy to help collagen production and elasticity & 10 minutes of Blue light therapy to help kill bacteria which causes acne and reduces fine lines and wrinkles

 Add Micro Current for a natural               Face Lift  $15

PureRejuv Mini Facial  $35

30 minutes

An express facial for the people on the go! Revitalize with a deep cleanse, enzyme therapy, masque tailored to your skin.. Finished with toner, eye serum & moisturizer

PureRejuv Chemical Peel  $85

90 minutes

Renew your glow with this amazing facial! Brighten your skin with a double cleanse, an enzyme treatment followed by microdermabrasion & finished with a peel. This lactic acid peel is a milk based ingredient that is great for hydrating & exfoliating the skin in a gentle manner. It also includes 2 superb lighteners, Arbutin derived from bearberry plant, a natural alternative to hydroquinone. And Kojic acid which inhibits melanin production. End this treatment with a double mask, toner, eye serum & moisturizer. Also 10 minutes of blue light therapy & red light therapy.

Back Facial  $50

45 minutes

Double cleanse with a scrub, followed by an enzyme treatment. Microdermabrasion & extractions (if needed) Finished with a masque & a moisturizer